From design to implementation


A shoe is a fascinating subject, architecturally impeccable behind its design and implementation, in fact, there are professionals who are specialized in different processes that work together to produce an excellent product. Each step is essential, because the perfect shoe comes only from the complete and total fusion of all the elements.


Continued research of fashion trends and new materials, imagination, passion and boldness here is how the designer creates new models of shoes from the design, the first and fundamental step to enter the fascinating world of shoes.


After deciding on the design and style of the collection is made in the form, that is the soul of the shoe. With great care, sensitivity and a sense of proportion, a piece of wood is sanded and smoothed to become the structure – also known as scaffolding or body – to draw on the model. Every inch is important and affects the final result.

Each shoe has its heel, be it a pin, tapered, banana, covered in leather, metal or wood, painted or covered with rhinestones. The heel is the touch, the essential factor in determining, in harmony with the shape, the style of the final product.

Leather or rubber, with different thicknesses and shapes, even the outsole helps to define the style of the shoe and influences the final effect.

The design of the shoe selected is indicated on the form by the technician, who will proceed to implement the model the characters that make it unique, from overlays to abundances until the reinforcements, the lining, the patterns and decorations. Accuracy is vital at this stage, model and fashion designer working together, as a single person.

From kids to calves, the finest materials and the best leathers are chosen by the skilled hands of cutters, who recognize quality. With their experience, in fact, cutters and know how to avoid the defects enhanced the product, so as to achieve perfect performance for each material.

The individual parts go now in the capable hands of giunteria combining and finishes with the utmost care the parts previously cut. The result, after this stage is ready for the assembly of an upper of the shoe.

Once positioned on the form, together with the insole, the upper is tensioned on the toe lasting. After this step, you enter the heel and sole. The shoe is then cleaned by the parties in surplus and, after removing the form, add the insole of cleaning.


Several steps of cleaning and ironing the perfect shoe that, at the end of the process, is placed gently in its box and wrapped in tissue paper, ready to be sold.



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