How to create a trend?


The trend is not only a cultural phenomenon, the reporting of the last gadget extravaganza of the summer or the curiosity that runs in a season. It is, instead, a new direction to go that is based on the negation of what precedes. The question is not read the future, but direct it. The great rule: it is better to anticipate that predict. Being visionaries, revolutionaries. Without fear of breaking with the past. But how? Following only the nose? No. We need a scientific approach. That is in fact appear in the book charts and matrices with double entry, marketing theories, formulas, economic and cognitive maps, … and case histories on successful forerunners from Prada to Starbucks, Pomellato by Philippe Starck. Some campaigns Gucci and Dior are considered examples of success. As Fendi pointing, enfatizzandole on the two effe before the advent of logomania or Diesel, capable of reinventing jeans as if they had never existed before.

The research of new trends, both in terms of clothing that shoe, is a key element in the design of a successful collection.
Doing research means knowing how to look around, see the world, the prominent personalities (Trend setter), but also events that have a high media coverage as well as watching the road (street and urban style).
Watch the windows, possibly in the fashion capitals, and visit properly trade fairs, knowing what to look for, who to talk to, what to ask. But it is also much more.
Knowing how to do research trends in practice is a task that requires technical skills consolidated, is the profession of the Cool Hunter.
iMod designer, is currently an editorial product of the highest profile that opens a new era in the creation of trend books for designers of clothing and footwear.



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